Berdolé is a management and production company that creates live Flamenco programming for performance.  Works focus on the traditional elements of Flamenco together: guitar, song, dance, and rhythmic hand clapping. Live concerts feature some of the top professionals in Flamenco in Spain and the United States of America, as well as most of the local artists in Atlanta. With more than 10 years of experience, entertainment is turn-key to the smallest of details.

Based in Atlanta, owner Julie Galle Baggenstoss has placed artists in theaters, museums, and festivals, such as the Rialto Center for the Arts, the High Museum of Art, The Telfair Museum, the Georgia World Congress Center, and Coves Darden P.R.E. She contracts with elite Flamenco artists in the U.S.A. and top artists from Spain, such as the Company of Manuel Liñán, guitarist/singer Juan del Gastor, Antonio Granjero and Entre Flamenco. Additionally, Berdolé oversees Flamenco production on theater stages such as The Rialto Center for the Arts Series, Madison-Morgan Cultural Center, and Siempre Flamenco’s Festival de Cante Flamenco, in addition to that of local projects, such as Barefoot in the Park Festival in Duluth, Arts in the Heart in Augusta, Ga., and Día de Hispanidad at Casa de España South Carolina.

The name “Berdolé” comes from the Caló dictionary. Caló is the language spoken by the Gitanos (Gypsies) who settled in  southern Spain, and it has a presence in Flamenco song lyrics. Berdolé translates to velero in Spanish, which means ship in English.  The name Berdolé fuses cultures through time, considering that seafaring vessels first connected America with Spain and every Atlantic crossing forever changes Flamenco.