Flamenco artists can perform in a number of formations to bring the drama and elegance of the art form to a variety of spaces. Bookings are often arranged for 0-120 minutes, with the following sets repeating during that time:

Flamenco cuadro — Three to four artists, including a guitarist, singer, dancer, and one more artist perform sets of up to 30 minutes each, and can perform multiple sets in one event.

Flamenco cocktails — A solo guitarist plays live Flamenco music, Spanish classical, and related pop music, and a dancer performs short dances at intervals.

Festival Flamenco — Four to six artists, including at least one guitarist and singer and one dancer, as well as other artists, perform sets, focused on lively music, of up to 50 minutes.

Flamenco Jazz — Four artists, including a guitarist/singer, pianist, percussionist, and dancer, perform sets of up to 40 minutes, including original compositions and standards that bring together Flamenco, bossa nova, and jazz.

Flamenco school shows — Educational programming meets core curriculum and performance standards requirements.

Presenting Flamenco at your next event is easy.  There are a few simple steps to booking:

1.  Inquire about your date and time for booking.

2.  Determine the act that you need. Shows are flexible.

3.  Discuss the details, including stage and sound, budget, and concept.

4.  Complete a simple contract.