Ryan Zeremeño

Flamenco dancer Ryan Zeremeño began his dance training with Robert Amaral in Los Angeles at a very early age and started dancing professionally by the time he was 10. He is one of the rare individuals who not only is a footwork virtuoso and a master at improvisation within the vast realms of Flamenco, but also knows jazz music theory and can communicate with musicians unlike any other dancer. He has studied in Spain with Manuel Reyes and extensively in the United States of America with one of the most coveted modern Flamenco dancers in the world, Domingo Ortega. He has performed in many concerts and festivals throughout the U.S., most recently at the Ford Theater in Los Angeles with the award winning Bay Area group Caminos Flamencos. His passionate love for all dance, especially the freedoms of Flamenco have excelled him in incorporating modern dance, ballet, and jazz into his Flamenco. He currently lives with his wife Alex and their daughter Sofia in Atlanta, GA and runs Casita Flamenca.